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Are you one to stash money all over the house?

I am an incessant "hoarder" of money. I spend mostly with cash, and so I tend to use $20 bills from my wallet. The fives, tens, and ones go into my pocket as well as the change. The fives, tens, and ones...


Due to lower gas prices recently, have you increased your discretionary spending?

Or are you simply still playing catch up? How have lower gas prices influenced your spending habits?


Earning money from Seraphicinsights

The site looks promising. can we really earn more money from writing and investing our time on www.seraphicinsights.com ? Has anyone signed up already?


Why do people love to live in debt?

The are constantly buying things with credit.


Will S&P decision to cut AAA rating of Treasury bonds affect your investment decision?

S&P is sending out a very strong message to the whole world when it cuts US Treasury bonds from its AAA rating. Will you still buy US government bonds? Will you park your money elsewhere?


How much gold is in a $20 liberty?


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Who issues the 1099-SA for a HSA - Health Savings Account?

Does the bank that holds the fund for the HSA account automatically send a 1099-SA at the end of the tax year? Do they just report all expenes paid from the account? Do they also report account withdrawals, if...


What is a limited flexible spending account?

How can a limited flexible account and an HSA be used?


I have 2 children over 24 but live with me with very little income.?hsa for them.

Can I deduct their premiums? If I start a PC and employ them would it be better?