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Bed wetting alarm and HSA acccounts

Can HSA money be used to pay for a bed wetting alarm for an 8 year old child with a bed wetting problem?


How would you define leadership?


I need an investor to get my prototype to market

How can I get around the gatekeepers and talk to the people with the money. I have a finished prototype and a way to eliminate the risk on an investment. It is a great worldwide market.


How to get pay day loan?


Disability : how much can I get?

If I had 50,000 and I'm on disability what is the max and minimum that your allowed to recieve extra per month?


Payday loan when on disability?


Can accounting alone give a clear picture of a business organization?

To what extent can accounting be used to determine how a business is doing?


What order would you rate the following investments.

Which is the best and worst investment out of these? Rental property Agricultural land Gold Other metals Windmill farm Stocks Mutual funds Hotel room Wine


Can you negotiate with a utility company to lower rates?

Besides cutting your usage is it possible to lower your bill with a utility by negotiating with a customer service rep. Is this possible and do you have any suggestions on how to do this?


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Who issues the 1099-SA for a HSA - Health Savings Account?

Does the bank that holds the fund for the HSA account automatically send a 1099-SA at the end of the tax year? Do they just report all expenes paid from the account? Do they also report account withdrawals, if...


What is a limited flexible spending account?

How can a limited flexible account and an HSA be used?


I have 2 children over 24 but live with me with very little income.?hsa for them.

Can I deduct their premiums? If I start a PC and employ them would it be better?