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Will my wife's poor financial position and decisions ever directly effect me?

My wife owes child support and is behind, she has started a cell phone plan with another person on her account, and will eventually loose her job because of not having gas money. The only things I ask my wife...


How do I become rich?



What are the two languages visible on the United States' $1 bill?


What happens when i can't make my minimum payments anymore?

I got scammed by a phony company that maxed out my credit card, and now can't afford to make my payments and still make my household bill payments as well. If i just quit paying on my credit card, what happens...


Capital Gains

When you sell a property and capital gains kick in, does your overall other income for the year come into play because that could cause it to change. Is it better to wait till tax time for true capital gains?


What can I claim?

I just turned 20 and still at college and living with my parents. I get £30 ALG bt my mam has stopped getiing money for me. I was just wondering if there's any other money i can claim as a can't live on...


Is it necessary to have software application in Businesses?

Is it really worth it?


How to get a credit card fast?


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Who issues the 1099-SA for a HSA - Health Savings Account?

Does the bank that holds the fund for the HSA account automatically send a 1099-SA at the end of the tax year? Do they just report all expenes paid from the account? Do they also report account withdrawals, if...


What is a limited flexible spending account?

How can a limited flexible account and an HSA be used?


I have 2 children over 24 but live with me with very little income.?hsa for them.

Can I deduct their premiums? If I start a PC and employ them would it be better?