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Do you donate money to Charity?

If so, which charity do you support, and why?


What does"mm"mean in accounting?


Accounting and Finance

What is the difference between Accounting and Finance?


What accounting entries are made for bad debts?


Give an example of a business transaction that has the described effect on the accounting equation:

Increase an asset and increase a liability. Increase one asset and decrease another asset. Decrease an asset and decrease owner's equity. Decrease an asset and decrease a liability. Increase an asset...


How can I invest my money wisely online to make more profit?

I would lie to now waht are the best places to invest money online?


What's your most valuable material possession?

That you value the most?


What is the best and worst thing about money in your opinion?

The best thing, and the worst thing about money...


Looking for a good way to start investing

I'm currently serving my first year as active duty military, and am thinking about investing my money somewhere where I can start seeing it grow. Right now I would like something that I can dip into if the...


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Who issues the 1099-SA for a HSA - Health Savings Account?

Does the bank that holds the fund for the HSA account automatically send a 1099-SA at the end of the tax year? Do they just report all expenes paid from the account? Do they also report account withdrawals, if...


What is a limited flexible spending account?

How can a limited flexible account and an HSA be used?


I have 2 children over 24 but live with me with very little income.?hsa for them.

Can I deduct their premiums? If I start a PC and employ them would it be better?